BlueRise Partners is Your Embedded Business Extension in Asia, in Japan, South Korea and China.

  • Turn-Key Business Development,

    Market Entry, Sales Support, Export Development, Subsidiary Management & Representative Office in Japan, SK, China BlueRise Partners allows you to: Perform a successful Market Entry into Japan, South Korea and China, while preserving confidentiality and protecting your IP. Setup, staff and manage a local subsidiary in Japan, South Korea or China with the right Manpower. Boost Revenue and Sales of an existing Local Subsidiary or a Liaison Office in Japan, South Korea or China. Search, Locate and Qualify the most suitable Distributors and Resellers in Japan, South Korea and China for your Products and Services. Control/Reduce Costs of your Asian operations drastically and make your local presence profitable. Generate Profits and get Results Faster in Japan, South Korea and China. Limit risks and operate with full flexibility in Asia.

  • Technical Liaison, Customer Support and Localization in Japan, SK, China

    BlueRise Partners allows you to: Support your customers in Japan, South Korea or China locally, by being on a daily basis in contact with them and attend to their needs or provide them with accurate localized support in their own language. Provide localized Technical Support and Technical Liaison to your Asian Customers especially for technically complex products, systems, modules, devices or software. Localize your Products & Services.

  • Product Testing & Validation, IP Support in Japan, SK, China

    BlueRise Partners allows you to: Test your products and services with low risk in Japan, South Korea and China. Validate your Technical choices, your Designs and your Localization results before going to market. Register, File and protect your Patents and Trademarks in Asia.

  • Outsourced Department & Project Management for an Existing Asian Subsidiary, Subsidiary Co-Management

    BlueRise Partners allows you to : Outsource/Externalize a particular Function, Project or a whole Department or Business Unit of your existing Subsidiaries in Asia for a limited period of time: this is useful when you have special or new projects to complete, or a new Department to setup but you do not have the proper resources internally. Flexibly, safely or confidentially start a new business or project outside of your local office in Asia before re-integrating it at a later stage.

  • Sourcing, Procurement & Purchasing in Japan, SK, China

    BlueRise Partners allows you to: Operate your Sourcing & Procurement efficiently from China, South Korea and Japan. Purchase at the best prices your components, sub-systems, devices, modules or parts while controlling your costs.

  • Marketing, Promotion, Communication & PR in Asia

    BlueRise Partners allows you to : Advertise and Promote your Products and Services efficiently and with the Best Reach within Japan, South Korea and China. Build effective Marketing Plans, Communication Strategies and Image-Building in each of your targeted Asian market(s). Leave a lasting positive image impact on your customers and end-users by using localized and adapted Marketing tools.

  • Manufacturing & OEM/ODM Support, R&D Support & Licensing in Asia

    BlueRise Partners allows you to: Manufacture your Products and Devices in Asia with the best industrial production partners and with the best cost structure: Your OEM/ODM manufacturing needs and quality control management needs are supported by us on your behalf in Asia. Expand your R&D into Asia and localize part of your Development efficiently to complement your Global R&D effort. Setup successful Industrial alliances with Asian Partners License your technology to selected partners and clients.

  • Market Exit, Restructuring, Reduction of Activity, Resizing or Downsizing of Office in Japan, SK, China

    BlueRise Partners allows you to: Resize, Reduce or Restructure your current Operations in an Asian market while allowing you to keep a minimal presence and commitment to your local Customers : which allows you to withdraw from a market smoothly, cut costs drastically while keeping a low-key presence and Customer support follow-up. To keep a minimal local presence while preserving your local image as a company “committed to the market”. Maintain relationships, contacts and open business chances for a future market re-entry and come-back when necessary.

  • Investor Search, Fund-Raising, M&A and Joint-Venture Support in Asia

    BlueRise Partners allows you to : Raise Funds in Japan, South Korea and China and find suitable investors for your firm. Carry-out successful M&A : Search, Qualify and Acquire suitable companies in Japan, South Korea and China in line with your expansion strategy and growth goals. Build lasting Joint-Ventures with quality local Asian Partners.

  • Executive Search & Recruiting in Japan

    BlueRise Partners allows you to : Recruit the Best Professionals and Executives for your local Operations in Japan. Find and hire suitable Country Managers, Sales Directors, FAEs, Customer Support Engineers. How: You are assisted locally by our Expert Recruiters who will search for a wide range of suitable potential candidates adapted to your requirements. BlueRise Partners owns an Official Recruiter’s License from the Japanese Authorities allowing us to provide Executive Search services on behalf of our Clients.