What We Do

Management Services in Asia:

Subsidiary Management and Sales-generation:

  • Full Subsidiary Representation and Management – Representative Office, Liaison Office
  • Market Entry, Sales and Business Development Support: Act as your local sales office, as your own Local Subsidiary, or as your Local Liaison Office
  • Subsidiary Hosting and Subsidiary Co-Management Division
  • Development and co-management of new business unit
  • Client Search and Partner Search
  • Business Center, Subsidiary Hosting with directorship
  • Importing/Exporting Office: Trading partner for specific import and export projects involving the Asia marketplace
  • Distribution channels opening
  • New Venture Incubation in Asia
  • Legal Company Setup and Directorship – Company registration, Legal affairs management
  • Coaching and Management of Local Employees and Workforce
  • Market exit and Reduction of presence; Cost-cutting, Downsizing, Optimization and Rationalization of operations, Reduction of activity
  • Local executives and personnel search and recruitment

Technical Liaison Partner

  • Performing all the local technical liaison
  • Performing all the customer support required between your local clients and HQ

Licensing Partner

  • License and test your products, patents and technologies in Asia

Manufacturing and R&D Partner

  • Manufacturing/R&D site and Partner search
  • OEM/ODM manufacturing support and quality control management
  • Partnership and industrial project management
  • Industrial partnership negotiator , Industrial Alliance Manager
  • Local R&D setup and implementation

Market Research and Market Strategy with a focus on Product Testing/Validation

  • On-site product testing
  • Licensing and patenting partner

Procurement & Purchasing Department in Asia

  • Sourcing and support for procurement and purchasing

Strategic M&A investment and fund-raising Partner

  • Finding Asian Investors, Acquire Asian Companies and Raising Funds in Asia