Asian Business Extension

Your “Asian Business Extension”

We perform in Asian markets as a Turn-Key department or subsidiary of Your Organization.


WE ARE YOUR LOCAL EMBEDDED BUSINESS EXTENSION IN ASIA. : As your commercial “Avatar” in the region, we perform precisely as your fully owned Local Subsidiary, and with greater flexibility to meet the market needs of Japan, South Korea and China:

BlueRise Partners becomes Your Organization’s local office in each Asian market, exactly as if it was an integral part of your Organization : we become your local “Business Extension”, or your local “Avatar”, in Asia.

We operate on your behalf, embedded into your global structure, under your identity and control, whereby the business adheres to your ongoing supervision and guidance. We carry out our responsibilities as your local employees in Japan, South Korea and China – operating as you would.

We become an integral part of Your Company, and operate under your name and identity, and under your supervision, in Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

BlueRise Partners supports your Asian operations with greater efficiency and flexibility to meet your particular needs, leading to faster results, and at a fraction of the cost in each of your targeted markets.

As your commercial extension into the Asian marketplace, we act precisely as your fully owned Local Subsidiary, Sales & Liaison Office in Japan, South Korea and China. BlueRise Partners is your embedded local “Avatar” functioning as part of your Asian operations.

We act fully as your local sales office, as your own local Subsidiary or local liaison office by allocating one person up to a full team of local multilingual professionals specialized in your field.

We also provide World-class technical support and customer support is provided to your local Asian customers.

Your Asian “Business Extension” Solution

Advantages :

  • Immediate local expertise, local connections network and local market experience (tapping 10-year experience in business development for Western companies in Japan).
  • Immediate cost-control and flexibility in services, from day 1.
  • Limited risk and capable staff in place, from day 1.
  • Local country manager, with solid local expertise, on a contract basis, from day 1.
  • Full client involvement in running the business, including legal, accounting and administrative control, through an outsourced system where we advise the client, execute on their behalf, but with the client in complete command.
  • Your Asian Team of Sales Managers and engineers comprises the best-qualified local expert nationals. All assigned account managers are local nationals specialized in a range of industries and possessing skill-sets relevant to your field and industry, and have the flexibility to support your operations in each country either on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your individualized needs.

  • Full outsourced sales activity for the client company.
  • Your products and services are sold in Asia with the best margins, faster and more efficiently from day one.
  • Ready-made and custom-made business development strategies.
  • A genuine, real-time local presence that can be temporary or long term.
  • Full market visibility and immediate knowledge of, and consultation on, local Business practices.
  • No communication miscues, no cultural gaps.
  • No risk of IP or technology breaches in local markets.
  • Immediate control of local agents and/or distributors through a locally outsourced Office or Subsidiary.

With BlueRise Partners’ BUSINESS EXTENSION Solution in Asia, under your management, your prior approval and your supervision are maintained at all stages:

  • We set up your Local Subsidiary legally when needed.
  • We ensure directorship (e.g. country manager role) of your Local Subsidiary, on a part-time or full-time basis, to manage your business development locally. See it as a “rental CEO” role that maximizes efficiency and cost-savings right from the early stages.
  • We hire your local employees and manage them locally as with an actual integrated subsidiary.
  • We host your initial locally hired employees and your local business, including all the office and IT equipment, and infrastructure you need.
  • We execute all the reporting regarding sales, financials and human resources, as a typical Subsidiary or Liaison Office would handle for HQ back at home.
  • We guide you and advise you daily on how to fine-tune your business activity locally, and we implement what you prefer, on your behalf.
  • We manage your business locally “as if we were YOU”, under your guidelines and supervision, in accordance with your objectives and business plans, using your logos, your name cards, and your materials. We respect, protect and promote locally your corporate identity and corporate culture in their entirety.

  • Your Japanese Office, Korean Office or Chinese Office is located inside our Business Centers and we reply under your name. Your local office is hosted in our Business Center in each country. Your Customers are welcomed as if it was your own local office. Your Company’s Nameplate appears at the entrance of the office and an Assistant is allocated to you and reply on the phone on your company’s name (a local phone number is allocated to your company).
  • We allocate one to several of our bilingual Asian sales specialists and technical liaison experts or engineers – with flexibility to meet your particular needs.
  • We allocate to you our professional Sales Expert and Business Development Managers (Japanese, Korean or Chinese). After receiving training at your HQ, they act under your company’s name, carry your namecards and operate under your guidance as an integral part of your global Organization. They carry out sales on your behalf and in daily liaison with your Management Board, Sales Department as if they were your own local Sales Directors or Business Development Managers.