About References

BlueRise Partners References:

For the sake of Confidentiality our Customers will not be listed nor mentioned by name on this website, but we can provide a list of Customers we have successfully supported in Japan, South Korea and China to you during our discussions.

We are also happy to provide References and Contacts among our current or former Customers for You to be able to assess the level of satisfaction and performance we have achieved in Asia for our Clients.

Here are a few (non exhaustive) examples of the world-leading companies in their fields that we have successfully established, boosted, managed or developed in Asia over the past 10 years (no names given to preserve Confidentiality):

  • The world leading provider of M2M Connectivity (a Mobile Telecom Network Operator MNO from Scandinavia),
  • The world leading Manufacturer/Vendor of M2M Modules (France – Canada)
  • The Global Leading provider of Teleconferencing Services (France – USA)
  • Europe’s largest Foundry/Fab Service Provider (Germany)
  • The world’s leader in 3D Codecs and 3D services for Home TV and Cinema Live Broadcasting (Canada)
  • A leading manufacturer of Glass-Less 3D Displays (Germany – USA)
  • One of Europe’s largest MNO – Mobile Carrier (France)

  • A world Leader Embedded VM Software solutions for Cell phones (Switzerland)
  • A world Leader in Optical Embedded Software solutions for Cell phones (USA)
  • The world leader in High-Throughput Materials Development for advanced industrial and medical applications (UK)
  • The world pioneering developer of true multi-touch panels (France)
  • One of Europe’s largest Lighting systems manufacturer (Italy)
  • A leading provider of WiMAX embedded firmware (USA)
  • Etc…

We have also supported a number of Local Governments from Europe in their efforts to attract inbound FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) from Asia into their territory.