Fields & Industry We Cover



BlueRise Partners supports sales-business development and provide technical support for firms mainly in the following fields:

Technology, Telecoms, Software, Devices, Electronics, Micro-Electronics:

  • Mobile Telecommunications and M2M
  • Fixed Telecommunications (hardware and services)
  • Electronics and Electronic components
  • Microelectronics components, Foundry Services
  • Fabless products support
  • Foundry/Fab services in Asia
  • Optical equipment
  • Software applications and solutions, Embedded software and firmware, Encoding/Decoding solutions
  • Nanotechnology and new Materials
  • Advanced display, and Video components and solutions
  • Remote management systems
  • Tracking, and security systems and solutions
  • Humanoid robotics
  • Digital signage, and Promotional systems and tools

Transport Systems, Automotive and Aerospace:

  • Automotive embedded electronics and services
  • Car components, modules and devices
  • Aircraft components
  • Airborne devices and systems
  • Aerospace-related embedded systems and software

Industrial Systems and Components, Machinery:

  • Manufacturing systems and Factory Automation (FA)
  • Production machinery and Robotics
  • Construction material, machinery and equipment
  • Security and safety systems
  • Monitoring systems

Energy Producing, Energy Management Systems and Green Technology:

  • Smart grid devices and systems
  • Energy and power management systems
  • Energy-saving systems and components

Biotechnology, Medical devices Health Enhancing Products :

  •  Medical devices
  • Diagnostics solutions
  • Biotechnology, and Life sciences applied technology and materials

Consumer Goods:

  • Well-being and personal fitness devices & solutions
  • Entertainment systems and devices
  • Consumer electronics, audio and video
  • Consumer technology and Computer-related products
  • Consumer software
  • Video games software and systems
  • Personal digital devices