Who We Are

About the BlueRise Partners Group


BlueRise Partners is the Preferred Sales, Export and Licensing Partner in Asia.

For the past 10 years, BlueRise Partners has been the preferred sales and export partner of Western companies expanding their markets to Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

We are an “on-site”, fully localized, business-booster sales department embedded into the organization of our Clients, and based directly in the targeted Asian markets. Our main offices are located in Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong (PRC China) and Singapore, with offices in South Korea to be opened soon.


Efficiency and Flexibility:

Our extensive network of partners throughout the region allows unparalleled flexibility to achieve greater success in generating sales and revenues in Asia and at a fraction of the cost if our customers had opened and staffed their own local offices.

Our expertise and know-how boost and accelerate our clients’ return on investment and sales profits.



BlueRise Partners services clients who, as a result, typically sell much faster and report operational savings typically ranging from 30% to as high as 60% when using our locally positioned Sales Teams instead of their own.

Background and Founders’ History:

BlueRise Partners was founded by several professionals with extensive experience in the service, manufacturing and consumer industries, along with first-hand knowledge of the Japanese and East Asian markets.

All of the experts at BlueRise Partners possess solid and globally reputable business and educational backgrounds. Our Board members have earned MBAs and other degrees from prestigious universities in the United States and Europe (the founder of BlueRise Partners acquired an MBA from the University of Chicago-GSB (USA) as well as from Sciences-Po IEP-Paris (Institute Of Political Studies, France).

Board members are comprised of both Western and Asian professionals (Japanese, Chinese, Korean nationals), some with dual citizenship. All are bilingual or multilingual. They are mostly management and marketing/sales specialists, or engineers, and have held management-level positions in a number of corporations and governmental organizations before joining BlueRise Partners.

Board members have spent 20 years in Asia, especially in Japan, dealing with all the local major industrial and service corporations and distributors on a daily basis.

All have nurtured a deep and widespread network of professional relationships in Japan and throughout Asia, with a strong expertise in project management, local business practices and manufacturing processes, or in distribution channels and logistics throughout the Asian region.

BlueRise Partners was founded to make their experience and know-how available to those Western companies aiming to maximize their success, to expand their sales and revenue in Japan, South Korea and China, while maintaining control of costs and maximizing return on their investment.

BlueRise Partners is a multicultural organization working daily in at least 7 languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, French, and Italian.