Manufacturing & OEM/ODM Support, R&D Support & Licensing in Asia


BlueRise Partners allows you to:

  • Manufacture your Products and Devices in Asia with the best industrial production partners and with the best cost structure:Your OEM/ODM manufacturing needs and quality control management needs are supported by us on your behalf in Asia.
  • Expand your R&D into Asia and localize part of your Development efficiently to complement your Global R&D effort.
  • Setup successful Industrial alliances with Asian Partners
  • License your technology to selected partners and clients.


  • You leverage our close relationships with a wide range of quality EMS manufacturing partnersin China and in other Asian countries.
  • You maximize the cost/quality performance of your manufacturing by using our Manufacturing Experts  specialized know-howwho advise and guide you on suitable processes, systems, machinery, components, Quality Assurance and optimized B.O.M. (Bill Of Materials).
  • You localize part of your R&D with the support of our local Experts, Managers and Engineers,who help you setup local facilities and operations so that they become a perfect Asian complement to your Global R&D effort.
  • You tap into our wide range of potential industrial partners, clients and Distributorswho pay royalties to you for licensing your technology and IP.

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