Market Exit, Restructuring, Reduction of Activity, Resizing or Downsizing of Office in Japan, SK, China


BlueRise Partners allows you to:

  • Resize, Reduce or Restructure your current Operations in an Asian market while allowing you to keep a minimal presence and commitment to your local Customers :which allows you to withdraw from a market smoothly, cut costs drastically while  keeping a low-key presence and Customer support follow-up.
  • To keep a minimal local presence while preserving your local image as a company “committed to the market”.
  • Maintain relationships, contacts and open business chances for a future market re-entry and come-back when necessary.


  • Your downsized local operations are transferred to us and managed by us full time or part time, under your name, supervision and under strict NDA, which maximizes efficiency and cost saving at all stages. Your local operations are reorganized, streamlined and optimized in Asia.
  • Any current remaining employee you have is hosted in our Business Centre, is managed and supervised by us on your behalf.
  • Your accounting and other vital administrative back-office functions locally for your company can also be run by us on a need-to basis.
  • Your restructuring goals are pursued with us locally and help your local operations can be phased out if needed.
  • You typically save between 30% and 60% on running and operational costs by using our local optimization support.

Contact Us if you need to downsize or reduce your presence in Japan, South Korea or China