Marketing, Promotion, Communication & PR in Asia


BlueRise Partners allows you to :

  • Advertise and Promote your Products and Services efficiently and with the Best Reach within Japan, South Korea and China.
  • Build effective Marketing Plans, Communication Strategies and Image-Building in each of your targeted Asian market(s).
  • Leave a lasting positive image impact on your customers and end-users by using localized and adapted Marketing tools.


  • You and us design together the most suitable PR and Communication Strategy for each product and each  targeted market segment.You leverage the expertise of our PR Specialists who guide you and advise you from the Goal setting to the designing of the whole PR campaigns and Communication Tools.
  • You let our Specialists localize the Marketing tools for you(Websites, Brochures, Videos, etc.). Sometimes we will re-design your Communication Tools to adapt them to specific local tastes and requirements.
  • Your Products and Services are presented and introduced to Asian markets through the major local Press and On-line Channels,via dedicated articles written by prominent Journalists whom we are in contact with on a regular basis in Asia.

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