Sourcing, Procurement & Purchasing in Japan, SK, China


BlueRise Partners allows you to:

  • Operate your Sourcing & Procurement efficiently from China, South Korea and Japan.
  • Purchase at the best prices your components, sub-systems, devices, modules or parts while controlling your costs.



  • You tap into our wide breadth of relationships and deep contacts with major or selected Vendors/Suppliers in China.We vow to stick to your ideal B.O.M. (Bill Of Materials) in most cases after reviewing your needs and your budget with you. We will submit to your choice only vendors with products of the highest quality or with the best price/performance ratio.
  • You leverage our extensive expertise and wealth of contactsamong local vendors and suppliers in a wide range of industries and you tap into our long-term relationships and volume-buying power with local vendors.
  • You take advantage of our local negotiation power,stemming from our volume purchasing power, as well as from our deep, long-established relationships with suppliers.

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