Outsourced Department & Project Management for an Existing Asian Subsidiary, Subsidiary Co-Management


BlueRise Partners allows you to :

  • Outsource/Externalize a particular Function, Project or a whole Department or Business Unit of your existing Subsidiaries in Asia for a limited period of time: this is useful when you have special or new projects to complete, or a new Department to setup but you do not have the proper resources internally.
  • Flexibly, safely or confidentially start a new business or project outside of your local office in Asia before re-integrating it at a later stage.


  • Your confidential project, your new Business Unit or Department is operated by us, as an integral part of your local subsidiary in Asia, under your name and supervision: We co-manage part of your operations in Asia for a given period of time.
  • When the project is deemed completed or successful, or when your resources allow you to manage the externalized Department from within your Organization, we revert the whole “Business Unit” back to your local subsidiary and it is re-integrated into your Organization and run by your own People.

Contact Us for your Outsourced Project needs, of if you need to externalize a function, a Department or a Business Unit in Japan, South Korea or China