Turn-Key Business Development,


Market Entry, Sales Support, Export Development, Subsidiary Management & Representative Office in Japan, SK, China

BlueRise Partners allows you to:

  • Perform a successful Market Entry into Japan, South Korea and China, while preserving confidentiality and protecting your IP.
  • Setup, staff and manage a local subsidiary in Japan, South Korea or China with the right Manpower.
  • Boost Revenue and Sales of an existing Local Subsidiary or a Liaison Office in Japan, South Korea or China.
  • Search, Locate and Qualify the most suitable Distributors and Resellers in Japan, South Korea and China for your Products and Services.
  • Control/Reduce Costs of your Asian operations drastically and make your local presence profitable.
  • Generate Profits and get Results Faster in Japan, South Korea and China.
  • Limit risks and operate with full flexibility in Asia.


  • Your local operations are setup and organized by us on your behalf, under your name and under strict NDA.Either (1) we support you locally without registering any local entity (as a pure liaison), or (2) we incorporate a local company in Asia for you, or (3) we manage an already existing entity of yours in Asia, under your name and supervision.
  • Your local liaison in Japan, South Korea or China is managed by our dedicated professional experts, located in our Business Center as if we were your local employees.We allocate bilingual local Business Development Managers or Technical Support Engineers to your business in Japan, South Korea or China who operate as an integral part of your Global Teams.
  • Your local Costs in Asia are drastically contained or reduced because, by using us: You can avoid to directly hire your own local employees;You can avoid to pay heavy local contributions or penalties;You can avoid to bear the huge structural costs of a full local office; You can avoid high expatriation costs. You can reduce increasing travel & accommodation costs; You can avoid expensive local recruiting fees.

  • You obtain Faster profits and results in Japan, South Korea and China, and more efficiently.By using our Turn-Key solutions: your Organization immediately leverages more than 20 years of experience in Asia and a wealth of long established local relationships in Japan, South Korea and China in all the major industrial fields and industries, at all levels. We have the contacts and the local trust from key players in Asia. We have the sales and technical expertise and manpower already fully localized and ready to be used by you.
  • Your local business in Asia is managed and run by us “as if we were YOU”,under your guidelines and supervision, in accordance with your objectives and Business Plans, usingyour logos, your name cards, and .
  • Your Corporate Identity, your Corporate Culture and your Corporate Objectives are fully respected and promoted locallyby us on your behalf, and your results can be consolidated into your global financial planning and reporting.
  • You typically save between 30% and 70% on running and operational costsby using our local Business Extension solution in Asia vs the cost-structure you would require when you setup and run a local subsidiary by yourself and hire local resources of your own.

Contact Us for Market Entry in Japan, South Korea or China; to open your local Subsidiary or Liaison Office in Asia, or to Boost your already existing Asian operations.