Technical Liaison, Customer Support and Localization in Japan, SK, China

BlueRise Partners allows you to:

  • Support your customers in Japan, South Korea or China locally, by being on a daily basis in contact with them and attend to their needs or provide them with accurate localized support in their own language.
  • Provide localized Technical Support and Technical Liaison to your Asian Customersespecially for technically complex products, systems, modules, devices or software.
  • Localize your Products & Services.



  • You are supported locally by our Expert Technical Support Engineers and F.A.E.s (Japanese, Korean or Chinese) under strict NDA.These resources are allocated to you after being sent for training to your Head-Quarters facilities exactly as if they were your own engineers, for as long as you deem necessary, but there are coached and supervised by us on a daily basis on your behalf.
  • You and your Asian Clients receive local Technical Support,local Customer Support and Technical Liaison under your name, on your behalf and in the local language, in daily liaison with your R&D department or Customer Support Center at your HQ.
  • Your Products & Services are fully localized by us or by our local Partners and turned into local language,made compliant with local requirements and regulations and sometimes even re-designed to best match the local needs, all under your supervision and control. Our experts together with high-level specialists for each task work together to fine-tune all your products and services to the each local Asian market targeted.

Contact Us for Support to your Asian Customers and for Technical Liaison in Japan, South Korea or China