Executive Search & Recruiting in Japan

BlueRise Partners allows you to :

  • Recruit the Best Professionals and Executives for your local Operations in Japan.
  • Find and hire suitable Country Managers, Sales Directors, FAEs, Customer Support Engineers.



  • You are assisted locally by our Expert Recruiters who will search for a wide range of suitable potential candidates adapted to your requirements.BlueRise Partners owns an Official Recruiter’s License from the Japanese Authorities allowing us to provide Executive Search services on behalf of our Clients.
  • The pre-selected Candidates are qualified and pre-screened by us so that you are only presented with potential “Good Matches”.You are presented with a number of candidates that we have all pre-interviewed and for whom we have matched the experience, the skill-sets and the personalities, as well as the language speaking abilities to ensure the best chances of success once they are within your Organization.

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